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Faith-Based Community Partnerships: Reaching Vulnerable Populations

Faith-based and Community Partnerships:  Strengthening Community Networks

IHP, in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Association for State and Health Territorial Officials (ASTHO), IHP has worked to develop a program to build and mobilize capacity within networks of faith-based and community organizations to demonstrate ways to expand reach to vulnerable, at-risk, and minority populations for prevention and treatment of influenza.

By building strong partnerships across a broad range of faith-based, private, and public health organizations, we are able to reach these populations for the prevention of seasonal and pandemic influenza.

Linking and activating these trusted community and faith-based networks makes it possible to engage a broader range of social structural factors that can impact cross-cutting, systemic barriers to health equity.

Project ObjectivesCommunity Capacity

Project Accomplishments

10 unique multi-sector sites reaching out across diverse ethnicities and religious traditions.  Click on map to learn more about each site.